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Scrubmaster B3

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Scrubmaster B3:

Flexible walk- behind scrubber- drier ideal for use on smaller areas but still industrial grade. The Scrubmaster B3 is designed to perfectly clean those hard to reach areas. With a 13 Lithium battery you can get 1 hour of operational time.

Key Features of the Scrubmaster B3

  • 100Sqm cover in eco mode per 3L refill
  • Eco Mode
  • Can fit in a car boot (easy to store)
  • Intuitive easy operation
  • 2 x 21 cm brushes clean smaller harder to reach areas efficiently



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Technical DataScrubmaster B3
Working width41 cm
Performance approx. 38 m2/h
Solution tank3 Litres
Recovery tank5 Litres
Battery capacity13 Ah (lithium)
Estimated run time 1 hour
Brush/Pad size 2x21 cm
Brush Speed140 - 210 rpm

Scrubmaster B3 More Information:

Outright purchase

Hako Machines have a number of flexible purchase options to suit your needs, one of which is outright purchase. No deposit is required and upon receipt of a purchase order and the opening of a credit account, flexible payment terms can be offered. Once opened, a credit account can be used to purchase parts on account.

Our machines come with a warranty period of either 12 months or working hours depending on the equipment and whichever comes first.

If you feel that outright purchase is the right option for your business needs, Hako Machines can also offer a comprehensive range of service packages to ensure that your machine is maintained by our factory trained engineers.


Through our Finance Partner PMD Leasing, we are able to offer attractive Rental/Contract Hire packages. Benefits include;
  • Renting it over a period in return for fixed rental payments allows you to free up working capital for use in other areas
  • You don't have to pay the full cost of the asset up front, so you don't use up your cash or have to borrow money
  • You have access to a higher standard of equipment, which might be too expensive for you to buy outright
  • You pay for the asset over the fixed period of time that you use it, which helps you budget for the future
  • The business can usually deduct the full cost of lease rentals from taxable income
  • You do not have to worry about maintenance and breakdowns
  • Should circumstances change, upgrades to the equipment are available
  • After the initial term of the agreement, the ageing asset can either be returned or extended to suit needs at that time

Short-term hire

A selection of 'Spot-hire' machines are available upon request to assist with;
  • Emergency cleaning requirements or ad-hoc deep cleaning
  • Cover for breakdown machines
  • Cover for new machine deliveries
  • 'Try before you buy'

Availability is not guaranteed and a short term hire document will be required before the hire commences. Flexible terms are available depending upon your needs.