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Outdoor Cleaning Machine

At Hako Machines, we manufacture and supply comprehensive ride-on and industrial outdoor floor cleaning machines within the Citymaster ride-on sweeper range to combat effective street cleaning tasks. Each Citymaster machine at Hako has been uniquely engineered to specifically fit certain intended purposes for outside cleaning.

In context, these street floor cleaning machines are most suited to provide industrial floor cleaning solutions to councils and municipal environments across the country. All of our Citymaster ride-on outdoor sweepers and street floor cleaning machines for both roads and pavements can be purchased, leased or rented at competitive prices. To find out more about our commercial ride-on road sweepers, click here.

Multi-Functional Outdoor Floor Cleaning Machines

Hako’s Citymaster industrial outdoor ride-on sweepers are available with a range of added components that serve to combat grass cutting, full winter maintenance, street cleaning and city cleaning functions – and these are just a few of the benefits! All of our outdoor industrial cleaning equipment has been designed and developed to be wholly practical, efficient and robust, especially for municipal cleaning.

The ride-on element to each of Hako’s outdoor floor cleaning machines and sweepers means that safety and comfort attributes are priorities for the user. With seating support, adjustability ability, speedy maintenance and user convenience, cleaning accessibility could not be safer, more effortless and more straightforward.

How to Use Your Outdoor Cleaning Machine to the Max

Additionally, we recommend you consider joining us at HQ for refined and specific training for use of the Citymaster machines and ride-on sweepers from Hako. This way you can truly get to grasps with the street floor cleaning machines and, therefore, feel more encouraged to use them to their fullest extent for your city cleaning needs. Furthermore, you have the option of adding a service plan to your industrial outdoor floor cleaner which is intended to confer extra peace of mind should those moments of complications arise.

For each of our Citymaster floor cleaning machines at Hako, you can review the full breakdown of the model specifications and capabilities. If you want to find out about our winter ride-on snow sweepers, you can click here! To enquire or book a demonstration, feel free to use our contact forms found on each of our product pages.

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