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Ozone Generator


Keep rooms sanitised and odour free with the Super ActivO Generator.

Are your rooms 100% clean of germs and smells? The Super ActivO Generator emits Ozone through the air to banish odours and sanitise surfaces. With cycle times as fast as 15 minutes, the generator is perfect for daily quick cleans as well as large scale regeneration projects (such as after a flood or fire).

A global leader in performance, the Super ActivO Generator will achieve fantastic results.


  • Kills harmful bacteria, viruses and eliminates bad smells
  • Suitable for small & large environments including toilets, offices & warehouses
  • Easy to use and fully transportable
  • Industry leading Ozone output of avg. 12,000 mg/h
  • Digital keypad to select room size and treatment time
  • Large wheels for easy rolling between rooms without track marks
  • Sounds and visual displays to alert the operator when generation starts and ends
  • Width: 50cm. Depth: 40cm. Height: 100cm. Weight: 33kg
  • Warranty peace-of-mind guaranteed


Please click the link the below to view the Super ActivO Generator brochure or user manual

ActivO Ozone Brochure

MAG Ozone Sanitiser User Manual