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Robotic Sweeping Machines

From industrial robotic vacuum cleaners to floor cleaners and sweeping machines, our robotic cleaning machines aren’t just built for today – they’re built for the future. As demand within the commercial cleaning industry continues to rise, this game-changing equipment will change the way the sector operates and performs for many years to come. Find out more about them and explore the complete range below. 

Our Robotic Sweeping Machines

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of commercial cleaning machinery, we’re always searching for the next big innovation – the product that will change the face of the industry. Our robotic floor cleaners are exactly that. Thanks to the rise of AI and advancements in robotics, these automated devices have the power to completely transform a business’ approach to commercial cleaning, propelling productivity and efficiency to completely new heights.

Our lineup of robotic sweeping machines and vacuum cleaners have been designed to help commercial cleaning businesses operate more efficiently than ever before. Working in perfect harmony with your existing workforce, these revolutionary devices can streamline large-scale cleaning projects and allow them to be completed more efficiently. With a Hako robotic floor cleaner, your team will be free to focus on more specialist, complex tasks, allowing you to deliver quality cleans in a fraction of the time. 

Why Choose Hako?

There are other brands out there, so why should you invest in Hako equipment? For starters, our market-leading Brain OS-supported AI system sets our robotic cleaning equipment apart from the competition. Utilising ‘ride and relay’ mapping, it allows you to simply teach the robot a cleaning route and hit the start button: no engineers or further setup work is required. 

Our customers don’t just love our equipment – they love the service we provide. We offer responsive, friendly service at every step of the way, ensuring all of your queries are resolved in a timely manner. Whenever you need support, you can count on us. 

From our headquarters in Northampton, we offer tailored training courses to help your team leverage the power of our cleaning equipment, and we offer servicing plans to help ensure that your equipment continues to perform at its best for years to come. Why settle for anything less?

We’re Here to Help

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