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City Cleansing & Waste Management

High Cleanliness In Public Areas

Whether it’s a spring, summer, autumn or winter clean, Hako offers city cleaning machines and waste management solutions for a range of different seasonal requirements. All of our city cleaning machines and waste management solutions also meet the highest demands in terms of sweeping, green area maintenance, winter service and waste management in the public sector.

Equipped with special cleaning attachments, these efficient and robust multifunctional machines can be used for a wide range of applications. By applying the principle of consistent multifunctionality when developing our work and transport cleaning machines, increased economic efficiency and reduced investment costs are both assured, while also giving safety, comfort, efficient working and environmental protection top priority.

Street Cleaning & Sweeping

Our range of city cleaning and waste management solutions at Hako includes a broad range of professional street cleaning and sweeping equipment. For example, our Citymaster sweepers have been engineered specifically in order to clean and cleanse streets and pavements to the highest of standards. Our street cleaning and sweeping equipment is responsive and fully adaptable to all obstructions that are presented when it comes to outdoor city cleaning and waste management.

Car Park Cleaning

As well as general city cleaning machines, Hako also supplies top of the range cleaning machines that are specifically designed to clean car parks. We always aim to keep versatility in mind as customer satisfaction is key, so we have ensured that our car park cleaning machines are perfect for city cleaning in both indoor and outdoor car parks.

  • Hako city cleaning machines can be used for municipal applications: clean, fast and economically efficient
  • They are compact, highly manoeuvrable, large payloads, and extremely flexible
  • “One for all“: Our basic cleaning machines can be re-tooled with a wide range of attachments and superstructures for every seasonal application
  • Ergonomic and comfortable: seats with different adjustment options, easy-to-operate technology, and a practical quick-change system

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