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Gardening & Landscaping

Cleaning Machines For All Seasons

Within the gardening and landscaping industry, each season presents new challenges when using municipal technology products. Each season also brings new chores you will want to avoid, such as, ground’s maintenance, weed removal, watering, cleaning, winter service or transporting loads.

So, Hako has the right cleaning solutions for these various different applications. This includes cleaning machines for areas such as streets, car parks, schools, colleges and universities. These gardening and landscaping cleaning machines come with a wide range of attachments and superstructures which allow fast re-tooling of each machine. This means that you only need one machine to cover almost any application.

Hako gardening and landscaping cleaning machines are economically efficient and flexible which makes them ideal for when constantly changing tasks. Their versatility also ensures they are suitable for different types of ground, working conditions and any seasonal particularities.

Street & Car Park Cleaning

Hako’s cleaning machines for public institutions consist of not just indoor solutions, but also outdoor solutions that work at a high performance, even in bad weather conditions. So, Hako offers a wide range of professional cleaning machines that are ideal for the cleaning and cleansing of outdoor places with a large surface area, such as streets and outdoor car parks.

Hako street sweepers and street washers ensure that your cleaning solution is fully adaptable to the street, pavement or outdoor car park you are cleaning. Hako Citymaster sweepers even come with a grass cutting setting in order to accommodate all your gardening and landscaping requirements.

  • Hako commercial school cleaning machines have consistent multifunctionality for increased efficiency and reduced investment costs
  • They are robust work and transport machines you can rely on under any circumstances
  • Superior quality and manufactured in Germany at the highest of standards
  • They implement carriers with all-wheel drive and articulated joint, sweepers, multifunctional narrow-gauge implement carriers and transporters

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