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Pedestrian Scrubber Driers

Amongst our selection of industrial floor cleaning machines at Hako, you will find our full range of convenient and practical small to mid-sized professional pedestrian floor scrubber driers. All of our walk behind floor scrubber dryers and commercial carpet cleaners can be purchased, leased or rented at competitive prices.

Pedestrian Floor Cleaning Machines That You Can Rely On

These floor scrubber driers are ideal for use in a range of environments where there is a mix of vast spaces and nooks and crannies. From hospitals, shopping centres and railway stations to warehouses and car parks. In this selection of floor cleaning machines, you will find the best commercial carpet cleaners and a range of appropriate floor scrubber dryers to challenge your cleaning necessities. This is because each type of industrial cleaning equipment owns the relevant components to excel in certain environments, so you are bound to discover a model to fulfil your intended purpose, whether that be one of our small floor scrubbing machines, through to our larger models.

The progressive design of each floor scrubber dryer allows for a greater area of cleaning coverage, with enhanced ease and reduced hassle. Our industrial floor cleaners and commercial carpet cleaning machines have been engineered and produced with both the user and the cleaning task in mind. Therefore, the instructions are simple, while the machine maintains safe, robust and effectual cleaning abilities. In addition, we have optimised the floor scrubber dryer’s portability so that they may be used for periods of time without needing a constant charge.

Making The Most Out Of Your Pedestrian Cleaning Machine

As with all our industrial cleaning equipment, we offer our customers the opportunity for service plans, and hands-on training to familiarise themselves with the floor scrubber driers. Under our guidance, you will have the opportunity to learn your cleaning machine’s abilities to their fullest extent. This is especially important for your reassurance and confidence in the product.

Call us on 01788 825600 today for specific advice or further guidance, or feel free to browse our full range of some of the best commercial carpet cleaners and floor scrubber dryers in the industry.

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