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Hotel & Catering

Hygienic Hospitality

In the hotel and catering industry, demands for ultimate hygiene standards and cleanliness is at an all-time high, so Hako can fulfil your customers’ wish for “convincing hospitality“ with the purchase of our safe, efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning machines. Hako provides leisure cleaning machines for the hotel and catering industry by offering compact, low-noise and manoeuvrable solutions for any and all of your hygiene and cleaning requirements.

The leisure cleaning machines Hako provides, such as the Sweepmaster and the Scrubmaster, provide easy and economically efficient operation which is available in indoor hospitality areas. The cleaning machines also use as little cleaning chemicals as possible for a safe cleaning experience. As well as indoor hospitality, Hako leisure cleaning machines’ superior cleaning performance allows fast and efficient cleaning even in large outdoor areas. These are known as the Citymaster cleaning machines. All of our cleaning machines offer optimum cleanliness and value retention, in the most hygiene-sensitive areas in the hotel and catering industry – from the car park, to the lobby, to the common room.

  • Our leisure cleaning machines for the hotel and catering industry are low-noise, dry vacuum cleaners and can be used in lobbies or foyers. They provide fast and efficient cleaning during day-to-day operation – even in difficult-to-access areas and corners.
  • Economically efficient scrubber-driers ensure hygienic cleanliness on smooth or structured surfaces
    Compact ride-on sweepers for use in (multi-storey) car parks
  • Walk-behind vacuum sweepers for use in small or medium-sized outdoor areas of hotels and restaurants – available as petrol- or battery-powered versions

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