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Pedestrian Sweepers

At Hako, we provide a range of outdoor ride on road sweepers and pedestrian commercial floor sweepers for sale. These can be purchased, leased or rented. We pride our outdoor ride on road sweepers and pedestrian commercial floor sweepers for having high practicality, user-accessibility, robustness and adaptability. Being masters of versatility means each pedestrian commercial floor sweeper for sale excels in both wide spaces and constricted spots whilst also being highly adaptive to uneven terrain and dirt.

We stock a range of sizes of our commercial floor sweepers to reflect a variety of cleaning environments. Each piece of industrial cleaning equipment comes with its own unique abilities. Consequently, our pedestrian outdoor ride on road sweepers and floor sweepers are perfect for the application of cleaning in both commercial and industrial contexts.

Each industrial and commercial pedestrian floor sweeper is manoeuvrable and provides a safe cleaning environment. As such, they will approach shop floors, shopping centres, factories and warehouses with the same degree of ease, depending on the machine that fits your demands.

How To Choose The Right Pedestrian Sweeper?

All Hako’s commercial pedestrian ride-on floor sweepers for sale have been developed to offer the utmost in safety, quality of clean and best in user-convenience. To ensure our customers are awarded the greatest of confidence while using our industrial cleaning equipment, we offer comprehensive training at our HQ in Northampton. In addition, we have created service plans that will maintain your peace of mind should moments of complications arise.

While browsing our product pages, you will gain an in-depth understanding of our pedestrian road and commercial floor sweeper’s countless abilities and full specifications. If you require additional information or more specific guidance on any of our industrial pedestrian floor sweepers for sale, we are just a phone call away on 01788 825600. Otherwise, we will respond to your completed enquiry form which you can find on each product page.

We welcome you to browse our full range of pedestrian outdoor ride-on sweepers and commercial pedestrian floor sweepers for sale below!

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