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Public Institutions

A “Clean Affair” For Citizens & Employees

Public facilities always require maximum hygiene and cleanliness, especially in the current situation. This applies, in particular, to public areas where people meet and gather. For example, schools and other educational institutions, sports facilities, swimming pools, town halls and public authority buildings.

This is why Hako’s cleaning machines for public institutions, such as the above, provide comfortable and economically efficient cleaning solutions, while meeting individual needs and requirements. Some desirable features of our cleaning machines suitable for public institutions include: low-noise for cleaning offices and hallways, high levels of manoeuvrability for working in confined areas, and the ability to perform fast and efficient cleaning of large, public areas.

School, College & University Cleaning

We know that schools, colleges and universities can be built in many different ways, so Hako commercial school cleaning machines are made to be compact and manoeuvrable, yet still, work at optimum performance levels when it comes to cleaning. Schools, colleges and universities can also have many types of flooring, so Hako provides heavy-duty cleansers for shampooing carpets and cleaning hard flooring and Sweepmasters which can clean both indoor and outdoor areas.

  • Hako’s cleaning machines for shopping centres, schools and hospitals can invitingly clean rooms at all times – e.g. offices, classrooms and foyers
  • Perfectly matched cleaning machines, accessories and cleaning detergents for each public institution
  • Compact and manoeuvrable cleaning machines for efficient indoor cleaning tasks
  • Economically efficient all-rounders that adapt to changing seasonal requirements in outdoor areas and sports facilities

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