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Commercial Cleaning Solutions

The challenges for industrial and commercial enterprises are endless. From tackling heavy soiling to carrying out regular cleaning without interfering with closely timed production processes, the world of commercial cleaning is a complex one. Hako equipment exists to help address these challenges, offering the ideal cleaning solution for every branch of industry and commerce. Discover more about our industrial cleaning solutions and check out the full range below.

About Our Range

Our expansive range of commercial cleaning equipment has been trusted by businesses across the UK for more than four decades. From mechanical engineering firms to chemical and food processing companies, our robust cleaning machines meet the needs of every industry.

Outstanding in terms of durability and economic efficiency, our range includes dust-free and time-saving cleaning solutions for a variety of differently-sized areas, both indoor and outdoor. Not only that, but each of our machines is simple to maintain; work can be carried out quickly and easily, keeping your workplace safe and minimising disruption.

Our industrial cleaning equipment can work for up to 10 hours on a single charge, comes in many different shapes and sizes and is available with all kinds of additional features, allowing you to tailor it to suit your specific requirements. No matter which industry you work in or how specific your requirements are, Hako offers a solution to suit.

Why Choose Hako?

Hako has been at the forefront of the commercial industry for decades. Made in Germany, our products have been trusted by businesses across the UK for more than 40 years thanks to their efficiency, durability and ingenious features.

It’s not just the quality of our products that keeps customers coming back, but the quality of the service we offer. From affordable servicing plans – ideal for those looking for added peace of mind – to tailor-made training courses to help your team extract the full potential of Hako equipment, we do it all.

We’re Here to Help

If you’re interested in learning more about our range, want to book a demonstration or would like to request a quote, please get in touch with our team today.

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