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Heavy-Duty & Economically Efficient Cleaning

In the places where goods are stored, transported or produced, dirt is unavoidable. For instance, cardboard, steel and wood residue or marks on the floor caused by vehicle traffic. Hako’s cleaning machines, which include scrubber-driers, vacuum sweepers and wet & dry vacuum cleaners, provide comfortable and economically efficient industrial cleaning solutions.

These professional cleaning machines are the perfect solution for every industrial cleaning requirement because we always ensure to develop our products with particular applications in mind. For example, our compact industry cleaning machines can be used as an efficient cleaning solution in narrow corridors or provide a high industrial cleaning performance within large areas. In addition, Hako offers superior cleaning solutions for outdoor applications. For example, ride-on cleaning machines for larger areas like streets and pavements and walk-behind vacuum sweepers for carrying out more detailed cleaning tasks.

Warehouse & Factory Cleaning

Warehouses and factories and some of the areas where dirt can build up the quickest. However, health and safety is now a main priority in the logistics industry. When it comes to Hako cleaning machines, warehouse and factory cleaning is our speciality as we have over 40 years experience in providing for this industry. From ride-on scrubbers to sweepers, we specialise in creating the best high-tech cleaning machines for such large environments.

  • Hako’s ride-on vacuum sweepers provide a sweeping performance of up to 16,200 m²/h
  • High-performance dust filter systems provide a separation efficiency of 99.5%, as well as effective dust and dirt particle-binding properties
  • The industrial cleaning machines provide comprehensive accessories for almost any sweeping task in intralogistics and production facilities
  • They are compact, powerful and versatile multifunctional machines

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