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Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Hako is one of the leading suppliers of professional commercial floor cleaning machines, such as commercial carpet cleaners and floor scrubber machines and other professional carpet cleaning tools. We have a wide variety of floor cleaning machines for industrial use to fulfil your business’ everyday commercial cleaning service demands, of which you can buy, rent or lease for competitive prices.

We have developed and manufactured an extensive range of the most suitable floor cleaning machines, heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners, and professional carpet cleaning machines for sale, for all types of commercial cleaning services. They are most proficient for retail store, outlet, education and office cleaning, as well as cleaning of leisure centres and hospitals.

Multi-Functional Commercial Cleaning Machines

Our commercial floor cleaners are meticulously designed with ease-of-use and functionality as key attributes. This is ideal for commercial cleaning in cramped areas. For example, when office cleaning. From high performance wet and dry vacuum cleaners to scrub masters, we aim to make commercial carpet cleaning and floor scrubbing as effortless and efficient as possible with the use of our multifunctional industrial cleaning equipment.

For a more detailed specification of each of our commercial floor cleaners, please click the product name for their description and key features. You will find product brochures attached to really help gauge which commercial floor scrubber or carpet cleaner machine is right for your required cleaning services.

Finding The Perfect Commercial Cleaning Machine To Suit Your Business

For any additional information or details on our industrial carpet and floor cleaning machines for sale such as a demonstration or costs, you may click to enquire on each individual commercial floor cleaning machine. This allows us to provide a tailored service and price guide for our electric floor cleaning machines, depending on your requirements.

At Hako, we are a professional and expert brand in the industrial and commercial cleaning industry, so we guarantee quality and competent service. We also provide training at our HQ in Northampton, which is really beneficial for getting to properly know your commercial floor scrubber or carpet cleaning machine and the endless cleaning services it can provide!

For peace of mind, it may also be worth considering our servicing plans with regards to prospective issues or malfunctions with each professional floor cleaning machine. Alternatively, if you require further information on any of our products or advice, you can do so by using our product contact forms or via our contact us page, or take a look at our other ranges, such as outdoor cleaning machines.

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