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We are leading suppliers of industrial, commercial and municipal cleaning devices, and as such, we have compiled a list of our most effective machines to fulfil your cleaning solutions. From straight-forward office cleaning to comprehensive approaches to street-cleaning, we have devices to suit all.

In every case, we have kept the user in mind. It is paramount that cleaning should be as effortless as possible, and equally as efficient. As a result, our machines also present a cost-effective, ergonomically pleasing experience.

We have provided a detailed explanation that includes specifications and key points for each product. This is so you may easily gauge whether it is the right product for you. For any additional information or details about cost, we ask that you fill out the appropriate enquiry form. This way we can give you tailored advice and price guidance dependant on your requirements.

For all of our customers, we provide a training scheme. If you feel this would be beneficial, we will organise a time where you can visit us at our HQ in Crick and we will support you in getting familiar with the prospective device/s. In any sense, Hako will provide constant assistance for any product issues or questions.

It is also worth considering our servicing plans, for your own confidence and reassurance for moments where there may be issues or malfunctions.

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