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Clean Spectra

Clean Spectra floor care pads help create a cleaner, polished and high gloss finish to your floors helping to reduce the risk of slips and trips. The pads uniquely combine polycrystal abrasive particles into a range of hard wearing, washable fibre pads. Available to use on all Hako Scrubber Drier machines and suitable for all hard floors.

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Features and Benefits

  • Eco-friendly. Using water only to clean and polish floors
  • Achieve a higher clarity and gloss with less time and effort
  • Provides a more slip-resistant floor after cleaning
  • Increased lifespan through the use of polycrystal abrasives
  • Save on consumables, time and labour compared with traditional floor pads.

Available for

  • All Hako scrubber dryer machines
  • Single disc machines with 150-400 RPM
  • Orbital machines
  • High-speed burnishers up to 3000 RPM(Pink XFine pad only).

Typical Application

Suitable for all floor types, all floor care tasks and all Hako floor cleaning and polishing machines.

Red (Coarse)
Red (Coarse) : For deep cleaning, removing deep scratches and stains to leave a clean and well-prepared surface
Orange (Medium)
Orange (Medium) : For scrubbing, to remove small scratches and leave a matt finish
Blue (Fine)
Blue (Fine) : For floor maintenance to leave a satin finish
Pink (XFine)
Pink (XFine) : For polishing, burnishing or daily cleaning, to leave a mirror finish. Used daily, the clarity and shine of the floor will increase and remain longer.
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