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Brighton and Hove Bus Company

Brighton & Hove organised horse bus routes first began running in Brighton and Hove around the middle of the 19th Century. Once the London railway arrived in 1841. But they have moved on from the Horse and Cart and now have a fleet of over 250 buses that are in constant use around the Brighton and Hove area.

How Hako’s cleaning machines helped Brighton and Hove Bus Company

Speaking to Mike Hathaway – Engineering Manager, we asked what issues he faced before finding Hako Machines Ltd “We had no floor cleaning equipment before Hako, and cleaning on an industrial size especially garage floors, walkways and inspection pits. After seeing a Hako Machine in use at a fellow site, I knew this was something that would improve our cleaning solutions”. “We signed up for a service contract and could not be happier with the service and after sales team; in particular our salesman Craig Metcalf. Our depot is cleaner and in turn had improved our general site health and safety as we know longer have oil, dirt and water on the floors as our Hako Machines clean it all”