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Second generation for University of York

The University of York opened in 1963 with just 230 students. Founded on principles of excellence, equality and opportunity for all.

Since then, University of York have become one of the world’s leading universities.
Carving out a reputation as an academic powerhouse, where a clear focus on excellence has secured national and international recognition.

Split over two campuses and covering over 500 acres, it was key for the ground maintenance staff to have a machine that was robust and reliable.

In 2013 the University of York made the decision to purchase the Citymaster 1250 to maintain it’s high standards of cleanliness.

And returned in 2018 U.O.Y to purchase the Citymaster 1250+.

How Hako Machines, helped University of York.

“The University benefits from lakes and scenery surrounding both campuses, which attract a lot of wildlife and inevitably the mess they leave behind”. “We had previously owned a competitors machine. But it was just not up to the task”, said Trevor Boddison, Sportsfields & Amenities Manager.

“We needed a machine that could cope with the cleansing needs of the university. And compact enough to move throughout the campuses”.

“Of course we trialled and demonstrated a fair few machines. Then we booked a demonstration with Hako.  The demonstration proved the Citymaster 1250 was up to the challenge, so when it came to renewal, there was only one option”.
“We knew the 1250, and the 1250+ with all its improvements means it just got better.” – Chris Sockett, Head Groundsman.

U.O.Y took out service contracts on the previous Citymaster 1250 and the new Citymaster 1250+. “It’s another reason we brought Hako, the quality of the service package and the turnaround time for an engineer onsite if there is a problem.”

“If we need the sweeper, it’s because we need the sweeper. We can’t afford for it to let us down. Our old machine let us down at key times.”
“As a team, we need to know we have a vehicle that we can rely on”. “And the aftersales support to get us back up and running should anything happen”, explained Chris.

“We also buy our parts direct from Hako, the wearing parts are reasonably priced, compared to the previous competitors, whose were astronomical”.

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