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Two years on with Dakin Flathers

It’s not only new customers who want to share their Hako experience, take a look at the testimonial from Dakin Flathers, an existing customer of Hako Machines Ltd who purchased their machines over 2 years ago.

One of the largest bandsaw and bandknife blade manufacturers in Europe, Dakin-Flathers is a modern and highly specialised producer.

You’ll find our blades used in a huge range of industries, including primary processing of timber, furniture production, engineering, and frozen fish and meat preparation, in over 100 countries around the world, including the UK, USA, Australia and South America.

Dakin-Flathers remains a privately owned, family-run business, based in the UK and at the heart of our operation is a commitment to delivering you exceptional products, at competitive prices, backed by uncompromising levels of service.

How Hako’s cleaning machines helped Dakin Flathers

Chris Sentence, production engineer for Dakin Flathers had experience with Hako Machines Ltd already as he had worked with them in a previous company and was impressed with the quality of the product as well as having a good relationship with Regional Sales Manager for the North Mark Foster.

When asked what issues Dakin Fathers faced before getting their Scrubmaster B70, Scrubmaster B30 and Sweepmaster M600, Chris stated “We were dealing with a lot of processing oils from the saws spilling on to the floor, making them slippy, sticky and dirty but in the two years since we got the machines, from a H&S standpoint they have been amazing. We have had no more trips or slips now the oil is off the floor. We are a site that has customers visiting regularly, and we are always getting comments about how clean the site is. The machines themselves are very hardwearing, we have had a few incidents with them getting too close to sawblades etc and touch wood, no issues with them at all. We have been well looked after by our local engineer …and we’ve had no major breakdowns or repairs required”.

“Mark Foster and Area Sales Executive Emma Ovington are in touch regularly to see how we are getting on, and the aftersales support in general has been very good”