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Two years on with Dakin Flathers

Dakin Flathers, are one of the largest bandsaw and bandknife blade manufacturers in Europe. Dakin-Flathers remains a privately owned, family-run business, based in the UK.

The heart of the operation is a commitment to delivering customers exceptional products, at competitive prices. This is backed by uncompromising levels of service. Their blades are found in a huge range of industries, including primary processing of timber, furniture production, engineering, and frozen fish and meat preparation. Available in over 100 countries around the world, including the UK, USA, Australia and South America.

They purchased their Hako Machine two years ago and still discuss the advantages.

Production Engineer, Chris Sentence, had experience with Hako Machines Ltd already.  Chris used Hako in a previous company and was impressed with the quality of the product. As well as having a good relationship with Regional Sales Manager for the North, Mark Foster.

What were your cleaning needs before contacting Hako?

“We were dealing with a lot of processing oils from the processing saws spilling on to the floor. Subsequently making them slippy, sticky and a general health and safety hazard. Two years on, as a result of buying the machines, we have had no more trips or slips. From a Health and Safety standpoint the machines have been amazing.”

“Our site gets regular visits from customers, and our cleanliness is always commented on”.

“Hako machines are very hard wearing, we have had a few incidents with getting them too close to saw blades etc, so far, no issues with them at all”.

“Our Hako team have been very good, our ASE right through to the engineer and the Customer Support Team in the office, the support has been very good”.

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