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C J Lang

It’s a case of night and day when comparing the cleaning capabilities of Dundee based C J Lang’s new Hako Scrubmaster B175R to the company’s previous machine. Distribution Director, Colin Chapman is one happy guy because of it.

“The Hako is brilliant” said Colin, after having taken delivery of the first Scrubmaster B175R in the UK. “It really is a case of night and day in comparison to what we had before. The machine hasn’t stopped since we got it. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it is going flat out” said Colin.

CJ Lang and sons is Scotland’s largest independent retailing and Distribution Company. It supplies hundreds of Spar stores across the Country. The B175R’s task is pretty awesome in that it has to clean the company’s 180,000 sq ft multi temperature warehouse. “Other than the actual freezer area, the Scrubmaster is tackling the entire place,” said Colin.

“The Scrubmaster B175R is a massive upgrade on what we had before, which was a very old model, and I am delighted we have got it. It’s the perfect machine for the job”.

Dan Phinn (Area Sales Executive North East) who carried out the initial site survey said it had been the first B175R sold in the UK. “I was beaten to having the first Scrubmaster B175R sale within the Hako group, France had received an order for 40 3 days before my order but I am still pleased. Mind you 40 would have been even nicer!”

“It really is a brilliant piece of kit. It nicely fills the gap with its 175 litre water capacity between our 120 litre machine and the 310 litre. That combined with the LED screen, really makes it a state of the art machine. Operators are going to love using it.”


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Scrubmaster B175R

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