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Trafford Centre

When you have over 30 million visitors each year like Manchester’s Trafford Centre, having fully trained operatives and the right reliable and robust machinery is vital. Since its opening in 1998, Environmental Services Manager Doreen Hutton and her team have worked closely with Hako to ensure that any challenges are met head on and resolved before even becoming an issue.

How Hako’s cleaning machines helped Trafford Centre

Doreen explains:

“When we opened in September 1998, we invested in Hako machines as we were already aware of the machine range and its use at other shopping centres. When we trialled the machines, it was vital that they could cope with the different environments and various surfaces as there are polished granite and wood, unpolished wood, travertine and natural stone floors within the complex. Because of the size and scale of the Trafford Centre, we needed machines that could consistently cope with the demands and pressures of both the internal and external areas.”

“As part of our work with Hako, we have induction courses each month for new staff and refresher courses every six months for everyone on the team. Hako also provides a ‘train the trainer’ course which includes a certificate to acknowledge their skills so that we have senior staff on hand with extended knowledge of the machines and applications.”

“Our selection of the machines and the machines ability to cope with the floor types also means that training is easier for the staff as some of the machines can be used on several types of floors with the same cleaning pads. We also have a Hako engineer on hand to answer any queries and provide support to the cleaning team as well as servicing the machines on a monthly basis.”

“When we need to add more machinery or review the current machine selection, we do investigate other manufacturers but over the past ten years, Hako has remained the only company who can fulfil all our needs when it comes to service and maintenance.”

Products Used in: Trafford Centre
Scrubmaster B90 (Cyl)
Scrubmaster B90

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