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Coletta & Tyson on choosing Hako Machines Ltd

Based in Yorkshire and established over 70 years ago, Coletta & Tyson are a second-generation horticultural company. Starting off as a market garden, where the allotment grown fruit and vegetables were sold to the local community. Then developing into the outlet garden centre bringing you great value on our nursery surplus.

With over 25 acres of land across three sites, it was imperative that Coletta and Tyson found a cleaning solution that was effective and reliable. We were able to provide that solution.

Emma Ovington conducted a site survey and demonstrations to assess the requirements for Coletta & Tyson. As a result the Sweepmaster P1200RH proved the best machine for the application and was delivered in September 2017.

How Hako’s cleaning machines helped Coletta & Tyson

Steve Gore, Operations Manager explained the reason behind choosing Hako.

“We needed a reliable and robust cleaning machine to ensure our sites were clean, tidy and most importantly safe. When our plant pots and trays are removed they leave a lot of compost behind. Up until the machine was purchased this was being cleared up by hand.  This solution is best suited to the job, and gets a lot of use. By purchasing the Sweepmaster P1200RH we have saved an enormous amount of time in labour, subsequently saving us money. The machine is spot on, it does everything we need it to, and it performs really well.”

Would you recommend Hako?

“Very happy with the aftercare and overall experience with Hako, I’d definitely recommend Hako Machines”.

To see if Hako can provide the right cleaning solution to your business, enquire today.