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Getting around Oxford’s tight corners

As the ‘City of dreaming spires’ it will come as no surprise to anyone that there are some pretty tight corners around Oxford and it is in those awkward spaces that Hako is doing its bit helping to keep the streets spick and span.

Performance, flexibility and manoeuvrability…

Fact is, Oxford City Council recently took delivery of three Citymaster 1600’s and the fleet will soon be boosted when two more get delivered in the near future. “We have been very happy with their performance, flexibility and manoeuvrability” said Owain Pearce, fleet technical officer for the council. Hako came out very well in comparison to other suppliers, said Owain.

“The demonstration was very good. They were tested around the city in alleyways, bus shelter and other very tight spaces and there are no shortage of those around here, believe me,” Said Owain.

“As well as the flexibility, we also needed machines which would be multifunctional and, here again, Hako scored very well. Hako is a new supplier to us and things have generally been smooth-running. They have a very good team”.

Owain’s remarks were echoed by colleague Adrian Moss, Street Cleaning Manager for the South of the City. “The operators themselves have a lot of influence on what we buy. And they like Hako a lot. The team are getting on really well with them”

Oxford has a fleet of 10 to 12 sweepers each used to complete different tasks. “We have two machines which are coming up for replacement and are bringing Hako’s to replace them”, said Adrian.

And right at the sharp end of a Citymaster 1600 is Richard Probets, a Streetscene Operative for Oxford Direct Services, whose job it is to ensure the university city’s streets are in great shape. “It’s the best machine I have ever operated. I have never driven a better one”, said Richard. “It is very simple to operate and has great performance. It is also very comfortable. I can reach corners that I could never do before, thanks to the articulated body.”


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