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Road Sweepers

At Hako Machines, we supply an extensive range of our very own brand of road sweepers: The CityMaster line. Our road sweepers are perfect to combat the everyday street cleaning tasks as well as being extremely reliable over the years to come.

What Makes Hako Road Sweepers Different?

All of our machines, including the Citymaster road sweeper range, are manufactured in Germany with high-quality materials to allow for strong durability. Our Citymaster’s come available with a large variety of additional equipment in order to suit your specific road sweeping needs. This includes grass cutting, snow clearing, silo gritting, brine spraying and most importantly, specific brushes for paved/stoned areas.

CityMaster Range: More Than A Road Sweeper

Our top of the range, CityMaster road sweepers have been designed and tested to allow for quick-change systems to enable easy demounting of the sweeping technology. This allows just one machine to be used for; road sweeping, wet cleaning and winter services.

The fact that our city masters come with winter maintenance, means that you can use our road sweepers all year round. No matter the weather…

Making Road Sweeping Comfortable

The cockpits of our road sweepers allow for the operator to work more efficiently within comfort. With adjustable seating and steering wheel, our Citymasters come with high-quality equipment as standard. On top of this, camera assistant around the road sweeper to show a 360-degree view of the vehicle’s surroundings.

The Next Step For Getting Your New Road Sweeper

At Hako, we have a specialist road sweeper sales team that can assist you with the next steps of the journey. To get in contact with us today, click here.

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