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NEW! Scrubmaster B120R

19th Sep 2017 / by Mark Parton

Hako Machines Ltd is set to shake- up the market with the launch of a new ride on Scrubber Dryer.

Why buy the new Scrubmaster B120R?

Increased area performance and superior manoeuvrability: the Scrubmaster B120R has been designed to ensure it meets the highest standards when it comes to cleaning.

With a tank capacity of 120 litres, high operational performance and availability in four working widths the B120R enables fast and efficient cleaning for a variety of medium and large sizes areas.

Sylvie Giangolini, General Manager of Hako Machines Ltd UK explained “Due to the compact dimensions and 90- degree steering angle Scrubmaster B120R is one of the most highly manoeuvrable and flexible machines in its class”.

“The Scrubmaster B120R is perfect for customers who want a smaller cleaning machine as they can still count on Hako Machines to deliver the same levels of performance associated with our larger machines”.

The B120R isn’t short on features. In common with its larger Hako stablemates, it maintains the company’s tradition of delivering products that are powerful, efficient and easy to use and maintain. Compared to the B115R the B120R boasts;

  • Illuminated LCD display for a better overview
  • Brush and pad wear indicator
  • Fold-up side cleaning strips make it easier to change the brushes
  • Visual & acoustic warning signal indicating when the water level in the solution tank sinks below 10 litres
  • Recovery tank with smooth inner walls enables easy cleaning / ensures more hygiene in the tank
  • Shut-off valve before the fresh water filter
  • “Spraying nozzle” tool to clean the tank (option)
  • Warning beacon on pole (option)

Hako Machines Ltd supports economically efficient working on all of our machines, which is why on our latest product the Scrubmaster B120R we have marked all of the components needed for your daily maintenance routine and ensured they are all easy to access. This enables the end user to carry out all operation related jobs, such as tank cleaning, in a safe and timely manner with minimum effort.

Demonstrations of the new Scrubmaster B120R are also now taking place across the UK. Further details, demonstrations and private viewings at Crick or customer sites may be arranged by contacting the Hako Customer Support Centre on 01788 825600