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The Hako Scrubmaster B5 – Cornering the Market

Scrubmaster B5
19th Feb 2024 / by Andrea Seed

The advancements in cleaning machines have been staggering, with technology evolving after decades of technological research and development. But there was always one problem that couldn’t be solved… how do you clean right into the corners?

For years, it was a question that manufacturers couldn’t answer with a machine, so a mop and bucket had to do. Until now. The Scrubmaster B5 makes all surfaces accessible for machine-assisted cleaning that could previously only be reached with a hand mop – and it does so with great mobility, excellent manoeuvrability and little physical effort on the part of the user.

Thanks to the innovative Hako-Delta-Cleaning-System with orbital drive, the operator can determine the working speed at any time and thus precisely approach narrow areas and corners. The flat cleaning head is designed in such a way that cleaning close to walls, deep into corners and under furniture and substructures with an under clearance of as little as 120mm is possible.

Scrubmaster B5

It is no wonder that this innovative machine was bestowed the Purus Innovation Award 2023 in the small machines category.

Craig Metcalf, Sales Director, said: “This machine really is a game changer for our customer base. The triangular scrub head is the first of its kind, giving operators the ability to clean deep into corners, where a traditional scrubber drier previously could not reach.

“The ultra-sleek design allows the Scrubmaster B5 to scrub under substructures and close to walls, making this lithium battery powered machine the perfect replacement to a mop and bucket.”

Sustainability is incorporated into the design of all Hako’s cleaning machines right from the product development stage, with technologies that set standards that other manufacturers aspire to.

Scrubmaster B5

From production with environmentally friendly, CO2-saving processes in modern plants to economic, environmentally friendly use, recycling and disposal, each machine has the fullest life cycle.

With an area performance of up to 1,300 m2/h and a working width of 43 cm, the operator can cover a large area in a short time with excellent cleaning results. With an empty weight of 20.5 kg, the Scrubmaster B5 is easy to transport via its wheels and can be easily moved from one job site to the next – for example, downstairs or by car – using the carrying handle provided.

The clearly arranged, intuitive control panel is only equipped with the relevant functions, making the Scrubmaster B5 easy to operate and requiring little training, an advantage especially for frequently changing users.

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