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New Combi 400 sets new standards

22nd Oct 2015 / by Hako Machines

The latest advancement in ride-on cleaning technology is now available in the UK with the launch of a new sweeper-scrubber drier from Hako.

Ideal for use in all heavy-duty applications, the Powerboss Combi 400 is particularly suited to warehouses, multi-storey car parks and other environments that require long run times and exceptional manoeuvrability.

Sylvie Giangolini, Hako Sales Director, commented: “This really is a landmark product for us and sets new standards in the cleaning industry in terms of performance and flexibility.

“At the same time it completes our already impressive line-up of cleaning machines for the most demanding environments.”

From the bottom up, the Combi 400 has been designed to be easy to operate and maintain whilst heavy-duty stainless steel components ensure reliability and reduce lifetime costs.

The new machine is packed with useful features, including quick-change scrub brushes that require no additional tools, and a quick-view squeegee that enables the operator to make minor adjustments with the minimum of fuss.

Key features of the Combi 400:

  • A powerful Kubota engine available in diesel or LPG
  • 85-litre quick load hopper
  • Ability to turn quickly and safely in aisles as narrow as 2.74m
  • Optional side scrub available for edge cleaning
  • The largest clean water tank in its class – a massive 398litres – with a dirty water tank of equal size

“We have already received firm orders for the Combi 400 from a number of customers in both the municipal and retail sectors – who have been testing out the new machine,” Sylvie said.

“We’re sure it will be amongst our bestsellers as more businesses and local authorities see it in action and realise the flexibility and performance it offers.”

To see the Combi 400 in action, watch the new video at:

Demonstrations of the revolutionary Powerboss Combi 400 are also now taking place across the UK. Further details, demonstrations and private viewings at Crick or customer sites may be arranged by contacting the Hako Customer Support Centre on 01788 825600.