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Does mopping manually really clean your floors?

01st Sep 2021 / by Hako Machines


Does mopping manually really clean your floors?

By Georgia Fellows

The usual way of cleaning the floor is to sweep and mop manually, however, have you ever thought of whether this is effective? When you think about it, when you mop the floor, you are squeezing the dirt back into the water, and then using this water to clean; so in reality, all that you are doing is smearing the dirt around the floor. However, with machines like the Hako Scrubber Drier, cleaning can be so much more effective, and time-efficient, as this machine can scrub and dry the floor simultaneously.

One of our sales team members once visited a cafe, where he saw a cleaner mopping their floors. He told them that he could give them a demo of our machines to show them how dirty their floor really is, even after manually mopping, to which the cleaner was adamant that the floor would turn out clean. Once he convinced them to let him show them how effective the machine is, he showed them the water that came off the floor, which was black with dirt and other things off the floor. This goes to show just how dirty floors are, even after mopping, and this was in an establishment where people prepare and serve food to customers!

One of the benefits of the Hako Scrubber Drier is that it also reduces slip hazards, due to drying the floors after cleaning, whereas mopping leaves the floor wet. This creates a safer working environment for employees, and a cleaner environment for the space allocated to customers. In the UK, 37% of all reported workplace injuries are a result of slips, trips and falls, and 28% of all fatalities are a result of slips, trips and falls. These injuries cost the UK an estimate of £1 billion a year. In places like schools, hospitals and care homes, a wet floor can be so dangerous to the vulnerable service users, and the staff; statistics show that the majority of slips that occur in a workplace, occur in the healthcare sector. A Hako Scrubber Drier can avoid these potential slips and falls. Not only this, but as mentioned previously, the Scrubber Drier can save so much time, as it cleans a bigger surface area at a faster rate than a handheld mop, which takes up to 35-40% of a cleaner’s time. Manually mopping floors often causes cleaners repetitive stress injuries (RSI’s), which on average, can result in 18 days off work per injury, costing the company a lot of money long term, and causing employees to become injured.

The Hako Scrubber Drier can be pushed, known as the Pedestrian Scrubber Drier, or they can be driven, known as the Ride-On Scrubber Drier. A member of our sales team can complete a free site visit and demo to find out which machine fits your business the best.

To find out more, or book a free site visit and demo, please contact a member of our UK team.

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