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Triage Support at Hako Machines

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04th Oct 2021 / by Hako Machines

Triage Support at Hako Machines

By Georgia Fellows

At Hako, our team is not limited to machines, mechanics, and sales representatives. We have a customer service team (CST) who provide support to customers who have a query with their machine. Providing our customers with the highest level of customer service is very important to us at Hako, we want to show our customers how valued they are. Therefore, our triage process is something that reflects that, helping us to provide our customers support when they need it most to ensure they get the best of their equipment.

With an effective triage process, the downtime of machines is significantly reduced, and customers are able to get their machines up and running without the visit of an engineer. Statistics show that between 75-80% of calls are actually for non-mechanical failures, and many times are actually due to operator errors, lack of knowledge/training on the machines, or poor daily maintenance. This all means that an engineer is not necessary for the machine to be back up and running. In the first two weeks of August alone, 6% of triage calls into CST were resolved with just one call, which included the option to buy parts and consumables within the call. Furthermore, 81% of customers were offered to speak to Techline to see how SightCall could help with the triage resolution, and just 15% of the initial calls resulted in requiring a Hako engineer to attend the site and fix the issues.

SightCall is a leading video cloud platform, which delivers live, remote interactions between Hako and our customers all around the world, allowing them to provide further support and advice. SightCall effectively allows our engineers to see what the customer sees, which in turn gives them the ability to guide customers through the process of fixing the machine. This can save time, money and most importantly, provides the best customer service to our valued customers. All of our master technicians along with other staff members actively use SightCall in order to enhance the aftersales support facility. Our Hako customers love the feature, with 83% of customers agreeing to chat with engineers through the service, and those who said no were calling on behalf of someone else and were not directly with the machine.

The triage team at Hako receives great feedback from customers. A senior facilities manager for a large national retail group said: “I just want to feedback to yourself regarding the number you gave me for the technical support. The store has just called me to say that it was a fantastic service and the problem on their Hako has been fixed for the time being. Thank you for letting me know about this service and I’ll definitely be making more stores aware of this.”

The triage system operates as simply shown below:

For more information on how our triage support can help your business and machines, get in touch with Customer Support on 01788 825600 or via

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