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Hako are pleased to launch the brand new Powerboss e-Combi

Hako are pleased to launch the brand new Powerboss e-Combi
07th Apr 2021 / by Mark Parton

Hako are pleased to launch the brand new Powerboss e-Combi.

At Hako we are always striving to reduce our carbon footprint and with rapid improvements in lithium-ion battery technology we are proud to be part of innovating the electric cleaning machines of the future, so we are now very excited to introduce you to the brand new Powerboss e-Combi.

The Hako e-Combi is the perfect solution if you are looking to make the switch from diesel to a quieter, cleaner and greener alternative. The e-Combi’s Lithium Ion battery gives over 8 hours of continuous cleaning capacity. The e-Combi is positively extreme in every aspect, with its extraordinarily high levels of power and manoeuvrability as well as its robust design, this combi machine provides maximum output for use in extra-large areas with a superior cleaning performance.

With its remarkable capacity, and clever features this scrubber-sweeper is ideal for a wide range of applications such as Warehouses, Logistic Centres, Car Parks, Manufacturing, Property Developments and Transport Industries.

The e-Combi is economically efficient and has easy access for servicing and maintenance, the many benefits of this include:

  • Tool-free removal of the motor cover
  • 360°-access to the motor, radiator, suction motor, hydraulic pump and tank

Craig Metcalf our Sales Director explains ‘This is a fantastic addition to our large combination sweeper/scrubber drier range. The new e-Combi is fitted as standard with Lithium-Ion batteries, enabling our customers to sweep and scrub their floors continuously for up to 8 hours on a full charge. The new product in our Powerboss range will go alongside our Diesel & LPG versions of the machine, giving you even more choice.

If you are considering making your cleaning fleet more environmentally friendly, please contact my team on the details below.’

In order to ensure that our customers are confident when using their new e-Combi cleaning machine, we can provide you with extensive training at Hako HQ in Northampton, or at our Training Office in Wakefield. We have over 40 years of experience within the industrial and commercial cleaning industry, so you can rest assured that we are trustworthy enough to help develop your confidence when using our industrial floor cleaning machines. To find out more about our CILT certified training courses call us on 01788 825600 or email us

To read more about the fantastic benefits of adding the e-Combi to your cleaning team click here to download our brochure.