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Ozone – An innovative solution to eliminating germs and smells

07th Jun 2022 / by Mark Parton

Ozone – An innovative solution to eliminating germs and smells

With schools, offices, hotels and other public areas opening up to our ‘new normal’, the fight against viruses and odours is escalating.  Fresh, clean air has never been more important, and ozone is being used in many establishments as a new standard for infection control.

Hako has introduced the Super ActivO Generator, which emits ozone through the air to sanitise surfaces and kill bacteria and viruses including Covid–19. Proven to eliminate SARS coronavirus, norovirus, E. coli, salmonella and more than 99 per cent of harmful bacteria and viruses, ozone is recognised as the strongest and fastest method of destroying microorganisms.

With cycle times as quick as 15 minutes, the Hako’s Super ActivO Generator is the quick and easy way to sanitise any indoor environment including schools, hotels, care homes, pods, rooms, offices, toilets, canteens, storage areas and more.

In addition to being a highly efficient sanitising option, Ozone is also extremely effective at removing unwanted smells from rooms. Rather than masking unpleasant odours with air fresheners and chemicals, you can permanently remove smells with the Super ActivO Generator.

Extremely cost-effective, Hako’s Super ActivO Generators is available for less than £5.00 per day and can be purchased outright or paid for monthly via lease or flexible rental terms.

Commenting on the new product, Sylvie Giangolini, managing director of Hako Machines Ltd said: “As the UK finds its new normal, it’s really important that as well as our comprehensive range of cleaning equipment, Hako can offer the ability to allow people to return to sterilised workspaces, hotels rooms, education and hospitability venues safely to build confidence and ensure that people are kept safer within these environments.

“In addition, the fact that the Super ActivO Generator can complement our ‘green credentials’ is an added bonus for Hako. Ozone is recognized as an eco-friendly technology since it does not leave harmful residuals in food products or on contact surfaces giving total peace of mind to all our users.”

For more information please take a look at our website page Super ActivO Generator  or call 01788 825600

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