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Why choose a Citymaster 2200

Meet the future of outdoor cleaning and ‘clean ahead’ with Hako’s Citymaster 2200.

The unique specification and quality German build makes the Hako Citymaster 2200 stand apart in a very competitive and saturated market. This machine has been specifically developed to provide maximum economic efficiency, safety and adaptability when it comes to cleaning public areas. Let’s take a look at the detail and find out what makes the 2200 the go-to machine.

With a genuine road speed of 40mph compared to more conventional compact sweepers reaching a maximum speed of 28mph, the 2200 is capable of reaching out lying areas far quicker than a smaller sweeper. It also has the added bonus of an ABS braking system ensuring the safety of the operative.

With local authorities concentrating on reducing their fleets and emissions, the 2200 ticks all the boxes with its whopping payload of 2.5t (specification dependent). It also utilises Hako’s VM EV180KW/H engine which has been developed to improve air quality and is now at stage D for its level of emissions. The machine is rated and certificated 4 stars in PM10 and PM2.5 confirming that the 2200 complies to the strictest demands for fine dust pick-up and dust control, working towards a better quality of air for all.

Hako’s patented anti-collision brush system, which comes as standard on the 2200, is proven to reduce downtime and vehicle off the road situations therefore increasing productivity levels as the machine spends less time in workshops with front brush damage.

Another feature which comes as standard with this ingenious machine, is cruise control reducing operator fatigue when sweeping long straight roads, making it ideal for the leafing season. With the optional addition of a 270 degree field of vision and the opportunity to specify a top-of-the-range built-in camera system, drivers can operate with absolute confidence. With such safety systems in place, they can see everything around them whilst still keeping their eyes on the road, making the 2200 a very safe machine for outdoor cleaning.

Prepared for all season use and with the multi-functionality expected from Hako sweepers, the 2200 offers snow plough, snow broom and a full body gritter options making the Citymaster 2200 the ideal year round workhorse choice.

Innovation is at the forefront of Hako machines, and every feature of the new Citymaster 2200 has been developed to create an effective, cost efficient, and environment friendly machine leading the way for the future. We are always developing our machines for the operator making sure that it’s easy to use and puts the health and safety of those using it as a priority. Book a demonstration of this market leading machine and ‘clean ahead’ with the 2200. Call our friendly team on 01788 825600 or email

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