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Hako Machines becomes Awarded Supplier for NHS Supply Chain

25th Nov 2022 / by Mark Parton

Hako Machines Ltd is pleased to announce that it is an awarded supplier on the NHS Supply Chain: Hotel Services, Cleaning Supplies, Equipment and Associated Products framework.

NHS Supply Chain is part of the NHS family and manage the sourcing, delivery and supply of healthcare products, services and food for NHS trusts and healthcare organisations across England and Wales.

Sylvie Giangolini, Managing Director of Hako Machines, said: “We are thrilled to be an awarded supplier for NHS Supply Chain: Hotel Services. It has never been more important to be able to provide the highest standards of hygiene and ensuring cleaning equipment meets the demands of a unique healthcare setting is crucial. That’s where our unrivalled experience comes into play.”

Hako offers increased hygiene protection for healthcare settings when they’re most in need, from an award-winning range of scrubber driers with anti-bac disinfecting to indoor and outdoor sweepers with advanced high-efficiency particulate absorbing (HEPA) filtration and the latest dust stop technology.

Regular cleaning is important to most businesses, but it’s essential for any healthcare setting. With so many products available, finding the right solution can be both confusing and challenging in equal measure.

Hako is also an approved supplier of the Super ActivO Generator, which emits Ozone through the air to banish odours and sanitise surfaces. With cycle times starting from 15 minutes, the generator is perfect for daily quick cleans and large-scale regeneration projects. The sanitiser offers a two-pronged attack, tackling both sanitising and the removal of odours at the same time – all for around the same cost as a coffee a day.

The Hako healthcare Scrubmaster range includes pedestrian and ride on scrubber-driers to suit all environments. From the compact B3, designed to perfectly clean the hard-to-reach areas to the largest Scrubmaster B120R capable of cleaning areas of up to 4200m². For added peace of mind in hygiene sensitive areas, Hako’s Scrubmaster range can now be specified with Hako-AntiBac®, an innovative feature equipping the tanks with antibacterial properties to prevent bacterial and fungal growth. This provides ease of use for the operator – allowing for them to clean, dry and disinfect in one pass.

Hako AntiBac® can not only be used to disinfect floors and surfaces, but also to improve the hygiene of the machine itself. This innovative antibacterial feature protects the plastics material of the tanks and reduces the development of fungal and bacterial growth, which makes it much easier to meet even the highest hygiene standard with a minimum cleaning effort. It also protects the health and safety of the operator due to less contact with microorganisms.

Another important factor in the cleaning of healthcare settings is the reduction of hazardous dust which can be extremely harmful to both employees and patients. Alongside their premium range of healthcare machines, Hako have developed Dust Stop which prevents dust from being released back into the air as the floor is being cleaned. The Purus Innovation Award Winning Dust Stop, is a side brush jacket that reduces the development of dust and fine particulates during dry sweeping by up to 90% in comparison to conventional side brushes. In addition to Dust Stop, Hako’s indoor machines are also fitted with HEPA filters which are proven to be one of the most effective ways to clean silica dust in the workplace.

Setting the standard in healthcare cleaning, Hako puts the machine operators front and centre of product development. UK Sales Director, Craig Metcalf comments: “We pride ourselves on leading the way in healthcare cleaning by not only providing the best cleaning solutions for each unique setting but also considering the comfort and useability of our products. Our ride-on machines received an AGR ergonomics award quality label for their back-friendly design, making Hako the first manufacturer worldwide to have received this prestigious accolade for ride-on scrubber-driers.”

No matter the budget or environment, Hako tailor solutions to your cleaning problems. Get in touch today on 01788 825600 or email to find out more about the healthcare cleaning range.



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