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Hako awarded top rank in Halton Housing tender

16th Jun 2020 / by Mark Parton

Hako Machines Ltd have been awarded top rank in a recent tender for Halton Housing – this is fantastic news for both Hako and Halton along with Link Group who are working alongside Halton to complete this transaction.

Halton Housing is a North West housing association with over 7000 homes across Widnes and Runcorn who have created their own fleet procurement framework to improve the delivery of its range of housing services.  Halton Housing was established in 2005 and prides itself on an innovative approach to providing homes and delivering services which improve people’s lives.

Scott Murray, Director of Homes at Halton Housing commented, “Vehicle procurement is an expensive and time-consuming part of our budget allocation and we are delighted to have worked with Link Group to instigate our own framework and work with manufacturers that share our vision.”

Hako Machines Ltd MD Sylvie Giangolini is thrilled at the award and the chance to be part of a great framework is very exciting.

Open the official Halton Housing Press Release here

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