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Brexit Update – Hako Machines

05th Feb 2020 / by Mark Parton

Following our Brexit Statement posted on 6th March 2019, Hako Machines have continued to work closely with our parent company Hako GmbH to prepare a number of systems and processes to ensure the export of goods to the UK and Europe will be as seamless as possible.

With the official UK departure on Friday 31st January 2020, we will now enter the transition period, which will last until 31st December, unless extended.

During transition, trade between the UK and EU will not change, offering continuity for businesses and citizens.

During this time, Hako Machines will continue to review the trade negotiations and ensure that we are best placed to provide continuity of service to our UK customer base, whatever the deal in January 2021. It is not certain that negotiations will succeed – “hard” Brexit is still a possibility.

If talks do succeed, the final arrangement may be quite different to the current one.

If you’d like to find out more information on Hako and the changes that may come with Brexit, you can contact us directly via our enquiries page.

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