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Robotic Cleaning Machine

Here you can find Hako’s full range of Robot commercial floor cleaning machines. As demands within the cleaning industry continue to rise, we are proud to introduce our latest new revolutionary industrial cleaning equipment which will change the way the industry works, behaves and performs for many years to come.

The Future of Commercial Cleaning

With the introduction of cutting edge AI technology, our new commercial automated carpet cleaning robots range is set to change how businesses can think, plan and solve their commercial carpet cleaning challenges. Growth in robotics is expected to soar over the next decade and as businesses are looking for more efficiency, productivity and quality from their larger scale cleaning requirements then our Cleaning Robots in our range of floor cleaning machines may soon become the perfect addition to your workforce.

“Whiz has made us much more efficient. Even our workers were impressed.”

Our commercial robotic floor cleaning machines are specifically designed to maximise your output and efficiencies and work alongside your existing workforce. Our products will provide the perfect solution when you’re in need of some specialist assistance to streamline and solve those larger and more complex cleaning challenges. It will also help you cover absenteeism or staff shortages and our robotic floor cleaning machines are ultimately designed so you can give your current team much more valuable time to focus on other high value tasks.

With the market-leading Brain OS supported AI system which uses ‘ride and relay’ mapping – you simply teach a cleaning route and press the start button, no engineers or further set up is required! Our industrial robotic floor cleaning machines will provide your business with a simple and easy to use cleaning solution with outstanding efficiency that will drive your operational and labour costs down to a minimum.

Wall To Wall Cleaning Coverage

Our robotic industrial floor cleaning machine range is the ideal solution for hotels, hospitals, shopping centres, apartment complexes, large scale commercial and industrial buildings, airports and hospitality venues – basically, any large or tricky space and our automatic cleaning robots can handle it! View our robotic industrial cleaning equipment range today and reveal the benefits of adding another hard working, reliable and long term member to your cleaning team. Feel free to inquire about our commercial cleaning robots today by calling us on 01788 825600.

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