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Hako Dust Stop – More cleanliness, Less dust!

23rd Jun 2020 / by Mark Parton

A simple idea with maximum effect!

The Hako Dust Stop can be retrofitted easily – no technical installation required! Unlike conventional dust control systems, Dust Stop uses no water, which means:  no streaky floors! In comparison to working with naked bristles, Dust Stop minimises the danger of debris being catapulted out of the sweeping path.

Sweeping close to walls or racks is possible without restrictions – and without damaging any objects.


–  Allows dust-reduced sweeping

– Reduces fine dust and noise pollution

– No use of water

– Easy handling

– No additional energy consumption (rotates with the side broom)

When sweeping heavily soiled and dusty floors, the development of dust during dry sweeping can hardly be avoided. Designed as an elastic cover made of high-quality and eco-friendly Linatex, Dust Stop lies directly on the bristles of the side broom and stops the air-generating effect of the rotary motion.

For more information please download the Hako Dust Stop brochure here

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