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Hako Chemicals

Hako machines chemicals are environmentally friendly and suitable for professional cleaning to suit almost every floor.


The advantage of using highly concentrated cleaning detergents is that less water is required for the production process and using the product.

Please see individual chemical detergent fact sheets below to determine which type of chemical is best for your  application and Hako cleaning machine.

To place an order for chemicals or for more information please complete the Enquiry Form at the bottom of this page.

Hako Cleanol - The Daily Cleaner
Hako Cleanol Xtra - Synthetic, Fresh and Low Foaming
Hako Cleanol K - Suitable for Micro-porous floors
Hako Cleanol Sport - Suitable for sports flooring
Hako Cleanol I - Suitable for Oily and Greasy dirt
Hako Cleanol HD - Suitable for Heavy Duty cleaning
Hako Cleanol S - Suitable for Deep cleaning hard flooring
Hako Cleanol SE ECO - Suitable for daily cleaning
Hako Cleanol Food - Suitable for food and drink logistics
Hako Cleanol G - Suitable for animal and vegetable dirts
Hako Cleanol R - Suitable as a pre-cleaner spray
Hako Cleanol Smell X - Suitable for unpleasant smells
Hako Polyclean - Suitable for water-resistant floors
Hako Polyclean ECO - Suitable for daily cleaning
Hako Polyclean SE - Suitable for use on Hard Floor Covering
Hako Cityclean O - Suitable for oil removal
Hako Cityclean S - Suitable for street cleaning
Hako Defoam - Suitable for use in scrubber driers

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