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16th Jun 2014 / by Brave Agency

Hako-AntiBac® is amongst one of the winners of the 2013 Tomorrow’s Cleaning Product Award confirming that Hako-AntiBac® provides major benefits to our customer, in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.

What is Hako-Antibac?

Hako-AntiBac® has been designed to provide better hygiene in the recovery water tank with the same cleaning effort. The system reduces the need to use disinfectant during tank cleaning, providing increased environmental protection and reduced life time costs. It also provides better personnel protection due to reduced contact with bacteria, mould and spores when cleaning the tank.

We take particular pride in the fact that we are the first manufacturer in the industry to offer antibacterial fresh water & recovery tanks. Since the beginning of 2013 Hako-AntiBac® has been registered and protected as a trademark product.

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