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Award-Winning Ergonomic Solutions From Hako

AGR Machine
21st Oct 2019 / by Mark Parton

Just in time for CMS 2019, Hako’s Scrubmaster models B75 R, B120 R and B175 R together with the new B260 R model were awarded the AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.) quality label for their back-friendly design, making Hako the first manufacturer worldwide to have received this prestigious accolade for its ride-on scrubber-driers!

Back pain is one the most common health problems in the workplace. In addition to the employee suffering physical discomfort, the employer loses out due reduced employee efficiency or even their incapacity to work.

Ergonomically Designed Products

Ergonomically designed products are one of the key factors when it comes to preventing and managing back pain.

The AGR quality label is an important decision-making aid when purchasing back-friendly products. An independent testing body comprising medical and therapeutic experts specialising in different fields, assess the extent to which the tested object releases stress from the spine and supports the human locomotor system. Only products meeting the strict test criteria are awarded the AGR quality label.

Hako pride themselves in manufacturing machines made to provide maximum comfort for the operator. Hako’s ride-on Scrubmasters have been designed as ergonomic, mobile
workplaces. In addition to the comfort seat and easy-to-reach operating elements, our ride-on scrubber-driers are equipped with clever details facilitating back-friendly everyday machine maintenance, which has played an important role in meeting the strict test criteria of AGR e.V. and subsequently being awarded the AGR quality label.

Comfort assured. The suspension as well as the arm and backrests of the comfort seat can be adjusted to suit the operator’s individual needs ensuring optimal seating comfort for the user. When it comes to health, don’t settle for second best. Make it happen. Make it Hako.

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